Megha Narayan

Founder, Design Principle

“Marrying artistic sensibility with
practical reality is a passion
that runs in my ethos.”

With over 16 years of experience in the field, she is credited internationally for integrating remarkable elegance in luxury hotels, effortless fluidity in high-end residences and ambient symmetry in premium healthcare spaces. Megha has worked for some of the world renowned design houses like Anoushka Hempel Design in London, Burt Hill and Hamilton Design in Dubai. Prior to that , she was involved intricately in the implementation of the luxury hotels of the Leela Group in Bangalore and Goa.

For the projects Megha chooses, her unique strength lies in the painstaking detail that she puts in, to reflect the client’s personal stamp in form and function.

Megha emphasises that “The most important element for transforming the mundane into the extraordinary is the keen attention to subtle details.The finishing touches – artwork, lighting, photographs and placements –are key”

She has successfully handled over 30 projects in Hyderabad taking each to a chique yet characteristic core of the Design Principle since 2011.